Monday, October 5, 2009

Life in hidding

Ever so often we come across little pieces of history that have gone unseen for ages, until they're brought to light. Such is the case of this little video, the only filmed footage known to date to show Anna Frank.

We may read thousands of books in our lifetime, but only a few dozen remain in our minds forever. This is the case for me with Anna Frank's Diary. Perhaps it's because I kept a diary (or several, really) myself, or maybe it's because I read it when I was her exact same age, but this book or rather, her memoirs, have always haunted me. And this year I finally got to see it with my very own, teary eyes.

It was the first time ever I cried at a museum, but it was a very powerful sight, getting to see her open diary right there in it's acrylic box. A sight I waited for 10 years and then, this year, I finally got to see it.

The museum is a bit disappointing if you're expecting to see their hidden house intact, the only remains are the book case that hid the secret door and Anna's posters and artists' photos on the walls. But getting to put yourself in her shoes if only for 30 minutes, it was experience I'll never forget.

Image credits: here and here
Thnx Mary Loneliness for reminding me to post about this!!