Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lately I've been feeling like I'm in a whirpool of things coming at me, and I need to slow down and get back in touch with the things I love. This blog, for example. Being out, reading a good book, feel like I don't have to run to get everywhere (like I've been running for the past 3 months). And yesterday, in the wee hours of the night, reading What Possessed Me, and A cup of Jo and all the things I've been missing out I realised that I want to start now. So here I am, back blogging, back reading the blogs I looove and thinking of all the cool, cute little details I want to start posting about.

I've got a question for you though, how bad would it be that I don't translate to Spanish any more? Send your comments, as I really want to know how you feel about that! Oh! And I loved reading at 3am last night all the encuragement comments!! Thaaaaaanx!!

I'm back, and hopefully for good.

Divano Back-to-back by Nigel Coates, via We Heart It.


Cris said...

Write the way you feel like writing: your blog, your rules... or better: no rules at all!
Sooooooooo glad you're back!!
You owe me a frapuccino by the way... would you consider it as part of the "getting-back-to-things-I-love" plan??
Love, me :D

Ani said...

Hi Sweety! to me is fine if you wanna write in english, as Cris said 'Your blog, your rules'
How could it be? I Always like the pics that you chosse. Once more, well done!
Proposal about your running skills:
March the 8th Nike Woman Race only 5 km (hahah 'only' to me is a lot, but keep it for you) -just think about it-
Kisses, Ani

Mary Loneliness said...

I totally accept the challenge! Happy about your return :)