Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bursting into song

A friend shared this with me today and I just had to show you too. I know it's nothing new by now, a large group of people suddenly bursting into dance and having people "out of nowhere" start daancing along to one song, but it still fascinates me. Specially looking on stander by's expressions going from shock into full smiles. And I admit it, if this happened to me any random day at Retiro station I would most deffinitely join the crowd and start singing and dancing along, I mean, it's The soud of music!!

Click play and enjoy! It gets particularly freakish right in the middle. I dare you not to start singing along in your head while you're sitting at the office!!

Thanx Sof!!


Cris said...

God, I really DID miss this blog!! Now I know exactly why!!!
Let me tell you: I'm stealing this video and posting it on my Facebook.
Those who deny singing a bit or humming or feeling like dancing while watching this video, simply lie...
Love you my friend!

daniii said...

Yo quiero que mi vida sea un musical! Si pasaran estas cosas en Retiro los días de trabajo serían más felices! Jaja! Welcome back Flor!!