Thursday, September 24, 2009

Make a wish

Did you know that today it's been one year since my first post here at Journal de Petits Details? How cool is that, uh? Yeah, I've been on and off for a while, but today is the day when I started writing a year ago, and I think that's pretty big!

And to celebrate I wanted to share with you this wonderful story in the video below. I recommend that you turn on your speakers (it doesn't have to be very loud, it is just music after all) as you watch this story about a couple at war told by this unbelievably talented artist on Ukraine's got Talent, of whom I promise to do more reaserch later on.

I had never seen a story being told with sand, light and music before and I was blown away like the whole audience sitting there watching the show. And it made me think how sometimes we complain that we don't really have any talents in us, that we can't really do anything special enough... After watching this video I started thinking: well... maybe we weren't really looking...

Diecinueve deseos photo by NicaMom.

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Mary Loneliness said...

No tengo palabras Florcita, es increible esta artista... Espero tu research porque me encantó!!!
Congrats por tu primer año y que se vengan muchos más!
Besitos. XOXO