Monday, September 28, 2009

You're disturbing my Oboe practice!*

My neigbour has been unbelievably annoying this weekend! It's funny 'cause for the past 12 years we haven't even noticed anyone there, I don't even think I've seen anyone take the elevator to that floor either. And I think it's an eldery couple, but our theory is that their grandkid moved in with them recently, because at really odd hours he just cranks the volume up on the stereo and bangs something... so loud I asumed it was the neigbour upstairs. I got to the verge of almost grabbing a broom and hitting the ceiling *Mr Heckles style...until we realised it's some jerk on the floor below ours. WEIRD!

I was browsing the web when I came across this sign... I loooove it!! I would so totally do that! Rat the brat on the elevator with a similar note! *Muahahaha*

Have a lovely Monday!!

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