Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful strangers

I  thought about posting about Slumdog Millionaire when I watched the movie, and for some reason it was left as a draft in my "to publish" posts and now it became relevant again with Rubiana Ali's (the girl in picture #3) sad news that have been floodding the media. It is so painful to think that a father would (have to) sell a daughter to support the rest of the family... and it's so ironic that an actress who took part in a movie that exposes how hard life can be in the slums of India has to go through this. I suppose I can't really judge this with an occidental point of view, but still, it's just too sad.

I totally recomend the movie, though bare in mind that there are some harsh realities exposed very matter-of-factly, but the people, the places and the colors of India are so beautifully portrayed.

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Cris said...

ABSOLUTELY loved the movie too!!! Impossible not to. If you dig in deeper beyond the harsh scenes it's easy to see how it is all about hope, and love, and how working hard always pays off... Don't forget the music: only thinking about it gives me goose bumps...
Prayers off to that little girl.
Lylas my friend!!!