Monday, April 6, 2009

History in the making

Last week an Argentine ex-president passed away. I wasn't really planning to go to the ceremony that held place along the streets of Buenos Aires basicaly because I didn't feel a very strong connection with him, I mean, I know he was the first democratically elected President in a very long time, and that's a huge thing, but appart from that... I dunno, I'm not taking sides on something that happened when I was a one-year-old, besides the fact that I'm absolutely grateful I lived all my life in democracy.

That being said, I wound up unvoluntarily in the middle of the whole thing on my way to S's house and by fortune I had my camera with me! So you get a little glimpse of the throngs of people gathering up to see the Army escort go by. It was really thrilling to take part of it, even though I did it in my own way: seeing people's faces, reading the flags and banners and looking up at the poeple looking down on us from their valconies.

It was literaly like seeing history in the making, and I loved it.

All photos by me.


Cris said...

Cool!!! Though I had no idea you were born in 1982!! LOL
Love ya!!

Petits détails said...

:P I meant that when I was born we were already in democracy and Alfonsín was in power for quite a while, involving the 2 years prior to my birth and about 4 years after that! :P
You should respect your elders born in '84!!