Friday, April 17, 2009

Petit mental schock at the cubicle...

Sorry for the absence yesterday... but I'm just now recovering from a petit mental shock that occuered yesterday morning as I checked my e-mail.

I was sitting at the office minding boring, mundane, cubicule stuff business, when I opened an invitation to a friend's wedding in the campagne française in August!!

I wanna goooooo!! I wanna go!!!!! After a turmoil of emotions ranging from utter happiness, dispair, anger at stupid responsibilities, and ambivalencies between being aboslutely certain that I can go and then thinking there's no possible way that I could, I've finally decided to spend my time in a more productive way by scheming ways to convince "the suits" that I deserve a little extra days of vacacion or payless days, and that I can actually do all my work on a laptop from France for a few days... Ah! La vie est très compliquèe!!

And now excuse me while I go and give myself a huge overdose of Paris, je t'aime, merci.

Vallée de la Bouzanne, Château de Chabenet photo by Phil'Ours


Sofi said...

Genia total y absoluta!

Una pena que nuestros casamientos no coincidan :(

Pero a saltar de alegría!

daniii said...

Jaja, viste que te iba a invitar!!!
Sólo restan detalles a solucionar, pero andá Flor, andá!!!

Brett said...

Good luck! How could they say no? (oh wait, you're talking about management...maybe you can bribe them!)

Mary Loneliness said...


Petits détails said...

Thank you all for your support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let0s make this happen!!