Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy birthday S!!

I'm totally jaded of hearing "grown-ups" (yes, I still refuse to be one) complain about "this generation" and how we say we're so connected but we're really more disconnected than ever. This concept, or rather this way of thinking, can only come from someone who's absolutely diconnected from everything and everyone and can't quite grasp the whole 21st century concept, in my opinion.

Yesterday was S's birthday, and Anette and I went to her house for a little celebration. Miss Pez has flown back to the UK this weekend and couldn't be here, in the traditional sort of way, but she actually was! Thanks to Skype and a web cam she could even see as S opened her gift and everything in real time!! I'm constantly mesmerised by things like this, you know... when you take a step back and see things from the outside looking in... it's amazing how one of us could take part in it all sitting in a living room in London while we chatted away at the mike on S's dining room in Buenos Aires. And perhaps as you're reading this you're thinking "Well... duh! that's internet for ya!", but maybe, just maybe, you're like me, being amazed by the littlest things in life.

Note: believe it or not this is a picture of a real cake made by Louise from CakeJournal!! Isn't it amazing?? (via Audrey Hepburn Complex).

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