Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Copycats (copionas)

I saw these two pics by Wendy Bevan and it got me thinking, besides the fact that these are extraordinary and the colors are surreal, don't we all have photos like these with our gals? We all love our shoe shots and we hardly miss the chance to take one of these, and I started thinking... how many girls out there have one (perhaps less stylish) photo just like the ones above? Hmmm... probably a gazillion.

Oh, I also love that all three of them are wearing the same nail polish!

(Found these shots through Lolita)


Cris said...

There's nothing like a GORGEOUS pair of shoes, nothing compares to the PLEASURE of buying and actually wearing AMAZING shoes...
If your nails also happen to be perfect and you're with your favourite friends... make that close to PERFECT... Definitely.
Great post ;)

Petits détails said...

Great comment!! :)