Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Weekend!

Another Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Wether it's your first with someone, your first alone, you're running out of ideas or you've got the perfect plan, how are you planning on spending it?

Me, I'm not sure. P and I always pretend it's not an important date, but then we are at the last second trying to figure out what to do so we don't let the moment pass. Our most memorable? Probably the year we had dinner at Azurra, a restaurant on a19th floor in downtown Buenos Aires. He'd booked a table by the window, and we had a spectacular view of Puerto Madero and we saw the Gay Cruise take off into the night all lit up. Too bad it closed, 'cause the restaurant was really nice, although the food was a bit blah. What do you care, though, it's Valentine's!!

Please post your plans for tomorrow and have a GREAT weekend!!

Photo via WeHeartIt.


Cris said...

FIRST Valentine ever and I'm 2000 km away: CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?????
Yeah, alright, hilarious, you may laugh if you want... jajajaj
Thank God for imagination... but sorry, won't spoil my not-so-brilliant-yet-completely-from-the-heart idea...

Cris said...

PS: You go and enjoy YOUR Valentine's girl!

Mary Loneliness said...

I loved that picture. Probably gonna search it at
Plans for 2morrow? First, pretending not to be caring about it (just like P and you, but in a diferent way). Secondly, thanking god I dont have anybody to blame about having forgotten the date. And last but not least, have already organized with my last two single-and-lacking-of-boyfriends-friends, going out dancing.
Hope u and P enjoy this kitsch day!

P said...

I've always liked Valentine's Day, mostly because I don't associate it exclusively with romantic love. It's just another opportunity to tell my friends and family (as well as my boyfriend) that I adore them. And how fun is it to make valentines and eat chocolate? Love it.

Hope you had a sweet night. xoox