Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Follow me!

Don't you miss real letters? I do, all the time. I used to write a lot, I even had my own box with stationary to choose and write on whatever I felt like and a separate box with all the letters I received monthly. I wonder what happened to that. I haven't revcieved a real letter in ages. I mean, one of those where people actually sat down at a table and filled a blank page with their tidy, messy, round, lovely, illegible, blue or black letters, you could tell how the other person was feeling just by reading their hand writing.

Well, unfortunately I can't offer you that through this blog (although if you're reading you provably know how to reach me, and I promise to write back if I do receive a real letter - even if scanned and sent via e-mail), in the meantime, I'm introducing Blogger Newsfeed: a handy little tool that'll keep you updated everytime I publish a new post. It's the next best thing to getting a letter from me, right? ;)

All of you techies can subscrite to Journal de petits détails with the new links at the bottom of the right hand column.

Vintage letters found here.


Mary Loneliness said...

The only person I know that keeps on writing "real" letters is Yas, she has a friend in Rosario and they only communicate "using" door-to-door post.
Should we?

Petits détails said...

Hmmm... the last few letters I sent never ade it to the recipient's mailbox (I checked via e-mail...), but I'd love the idea!!