Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fat girls tea time

Looking at this picture reminded me of our Fat girls tea party: a long standing tradition among my friends: we all get together at someone's house on a weekend afternoon and we have to contribute a baked -if home baked even better- all-fattening item.

It's too bad I recently started a diet I'm seeing NO results from... looks like I'm going to have to do a whole lot of jogging to actually get anywhere... seriously, how do people do this? How does one stay focused on a routine and a specific diet, when all you're brain is yelling (in a very Homer Simpson sort-of-way) "Mmmm.... chocolate cake!!"

Girls! We haven't had a Fat girls tea party in a while!! When's the next one??

Photo by Louis Park for Vogue Girl Korea, via Lolita.


Cris said...

Cuándo lo agendo? Qué llevo??
Sí al regreso emotivo!!!!

PD: puede ser con zapatitos a-lo-MaryJane's como los de la foto? jajaj

Mary Loneliness said...

next weekend? =)