Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tae bo junkies

These are absolutely random thoughts that occured to me last night at the gym, so you know that nothing good can really come out of it... please bare with me.

But as I was jumping up un down punching the air I started thinking that I don't really mind the ridiculously buff sweaty instructor, nor the music that's so loud that stops feeling like music and starts resembling airplane noise... what really gets me is the typical gym junkie. The girl in a perfect tan, matching gym gear, make up (I mean, come on! Did you really apply three coats of mascara just to come jump up and down with all of us??), who knows the class better than the instructor, only she does everything one tempo faster, making it absolutely impossible for you on your baggy joggins and uncoordinated limbs to follow the instructor/her on the mirror. I mean, seriously!

More gym thoughts by the end of the week, as S* is making me go back there... Argh!! The gym... why must we??

Flashdance photo from here (now, if I danced like her... it would be a completely different story).


David Sacal said...

This is not related with french... mourir pour des idées, d'accord mais de mort lente ¿c'est vrai ou non?

Anonymous said...

your off for a month phys and mental effort....... so u better start getting used to the idea....... see you thursday!!!