Friday, March 27, 2009

School reunion

Last weekend we finaly had a proper 2002 class reunion and I think it was a success!! Afert all, 20 out of 30 showed up and I loved it.

Sure, we were not as glamorous as Gossip Girl (or at least not all of us), but we did attend an all-girls, Catholic school and with all the downsides that came with that, we had a lot of amazing experiences too. It isn't easy attending a school of over 900 girls... and yeah, I loved the times when I got to go to a co-ed school. But, looking back, our school was great in way too many ways, after all, seven years after graduation a lot of us still remain best friends.

I enjoyed getting to see how everyone was doing, there are girls I literally hadn't seen since graduation day and it was really nice to see how life is turning out for all of us, what cool things some have been up to. I dunno... it was great to see everyone from a completely new perspective.

I hope there are many more of these, so that everyone who missed out this weekend can join!

Photo from Gossip Girl report

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