Monday, March 9, 2009

Girl power!

Hello dears!! Happy belated Women's Day to you all!!! How did you spend your weekend? Mine was a very femenine, very casual and very lazy. I managed to sleep all those deprived hours, do some good reading, then read a lovely girly magazine, did some baking, caught a girly movie and I actually went jogging (gasp!) and run half the lake (double gasp!!). And I loved it! I got to see the sunset reflected in all sorts of fucsias, purples and blacks on the lake, although returning home when it was dark was provably not the brightest of ideas... Anyway, it was fantastic! :)

It's a terribly busy day at the office today, but I didn't want to miss the chance to say HAPPY US DAY!!


Alexis Bledel as "Rosie the riveter" via AudreyHepburnComplex


daniii said...

Aguante Roryyyyyyyyyyy

Mary Loneliness said...

Love this picture!