Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ode to Ireland

I cannot believe this week is almost over! It flew by without me aknowledging it!! And even though the blues from last week sort of crept into this week, I'm going to give it the weekend to let them pass me by and let me be myself again.

In the meantime, all I can say is that I was really sad that I didn't get to celebrate St Patrick's Day this year. I know you might wonder why is it such a big deal to me, 'cause even I can admit that I haven't got a drop of Irish in my background (even though my cousins do). So, why is it such a big deal?? I would have to say it's a lot of things:

- I haven't felt so at home anywhere else on the planet that in the Emerald Island. I don't know what it it about it, but it kept bringing me back memories of my childhood in Patagonia, even though there are thousands of kilometers in between.

- It's the people. Irish families resemble so much our own, the feel of family care and homemade food. It's also the Catholisism: that even though it differs a lot from our Spanigh or Italian root, is so strong and devout.

- I don't really believe in past lives, but if for argument's sake I had to think of where I've been before, then I'm pretty sure that in the past my soul roamed the Irish moors and cliffs among the sheep and the fogg.

- And then of course, it's the Guinness you take with friends atop Gravity Bar in Dublin. That's why I feel free to say I'm Irish on St Patrick's Day! :)

All photos by me.

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