Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happily ever after

I keep getting news of friends that are getting married this year and in 2009 and I just wanted to wish you all the very best on these upcoming months :). All the planning and preparations must be really crazy, so I just hope that you guys have fun, and enjoy every minute of it!

Isn't it totaly scary cool that everyone seems to be getting married these days?? So many weddings to attend and celebrate!

Cada vez tengo más noticias de amigos que se van a casar en lo que queda de este año y en el 2009. Les quería desear a todos lo mejor en los próximos meses :). Toda la planificación y los preparativos deben ser una locura, así que espero que lo disfruten mucho!

No es re loco buenísimo que todos se estén casando?? Hay un montón de casamientos para ir y festejar!

Totally awesome photo by Kevissimo, via We Heart It.


Mary Loneliness said...

I really think that "scary" is the most appropiate word, neither "buenísimo" nor "loco". Apart from the french guys, who else is getting married?... I guess you seem to start enjoying this new stage of life.
As it is said... "I`d rather be alone than settle"... only listening the word "marriage" makes me get on my nerves.
Igual flower power te re banco eh, sabés q es una cuestión de momentos!.
Au revoir and have a nice and workalholic day!

Sole said...

Can I pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaseeeeee steal the look for 2015??? Though it seems to be the widow before the wedding... it's soo poetic.... loved it....