Monday, November 17, 2008


Wouldn't it be great to surround yourself with a color that you know would totally lift your mood?? I don't know if this is entirely possible, but Michele Bernhardt has come up with a Colorstrology chart for Pantone. This is how it works: you click on your birth month and it comes up with a primary combination of colors, and then you click on your birth date and you get a more detailed and personal analysis. Hope you like it! In my case my mug is the color of my month and the upholstery on the walls from my desk at work are the color of my day.

The color for the month of July is Coral Blush. Gentle and soothing, Coral Blush inspires love and receptivity. The Moon rules the skies during the month of July and just as the Moon goes through its phases and cycles, so do we. The silver in this color signifies the value of change, reflection and receptivity and the pink represents love and tenderness. Together, we have a color that can be used in times of change or transition and as an aid for emotional healing. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Coral Blush helps open the heart and the spirit.

Many people born on this day are enterprising and want to build their careers. Practical and creative, you have the ability to start something from scratch and make it grow. You are independent but also enjoy being in a relationship. Try not to get too serious or let your emotions weight too heavy on your heart. Your personal color helps ease any momentary concerns that you may be carrying. Wearing, meditating or surrounding youself with Seafoam Green encourages action,joy and participation with others.

No sería genial poder rodearte de un color que sabés que te va a levantar el ánimo?? No sé si esto es totalmente posible, pero Michel Bernhardt creó una carta de colores para Pantone que se llamar Colorstrology. Funciona así: hacés click en el mes de tu cumpleaños y te da un abanico de colores y luego hacés click en el día de tu cumple y te da una descripción más detallada y personal. Espero que les guste! En mi caso mi taza es del color de mi mes y las paredes de mi escritorio en la oficina están tapizadas con tela en el color de mi día.

Via What possesed me.


Soledad said...

I can totally get the tones of your month, and can possibly make an effort to understand the tone of your day..... now.... I got green for may and shamrock green for 1st..... definitely not a match! cna you imagine me inside a green room??????? NO WAY!!!!!

Petits détails said...

Hahaha I thought the same thing!! Shamrock green?? YOU of all people???? Hahaha, I dunno, maybe you should repaint your room and see what happens! :P

Soledad said...

I can also buy a "papel afiche" and stick it in the wall behing my pc at the office.... if they find me dead by the end of the day... then you know what killed me....