Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The "smart" comes with the glasses

So, does anyone else relate to the fact that wearing glasses turns you instantly into a really smart person? Don't you just love it?? It's come in handy more than a couple of times now, and I've always been fascinated at how this disability has turned into a fashion statement (much to my advantage).

These past few weeks I've been seeing all over the net these gorgeous, big, nerdy glasses that I think are absoultely sexy. I've come to terms with the fact that I just can't pull this style off.... one thing is looking sexy smart, another is passing off as an old, grumpy librarian from another era... so when I got my new glasses I had to keep that in mind, and I LOOOOOOVE them! I finally got myself some black trims and I can't wait until I get them back from the lab!!

No les pasa que para las otras personas, el hecho de que una use anteojos automáticamente la convierte en alguien re-inteligente? No les encanta?? Me vino bárrbaro un par de veces, y siempre me fascinó el hecho de que este defecto se conviertiera en un "fashion statement".

Estas últimas semanas encontré por todos lados estos anteojos enormes, negros y nerds, y me parecen super sexies. Pero llegué a la conculsión de que yo no puedo con este estilo... una cosa es parecer sexy e inteligente y otra es parecer una vieja bibliotecaria de otra época... así que cuando busqué mis anteojos nuevos tuve que tener eso en cuenta, y me ENCANTANNN! Al final me animé y compré unos marcos negros y no me aguanto hasta que los traigan del laboratorio, los quiero ya!!

Photo #1: by Sebastian Kim for Nylon Magazine.
Photo #2: by Styledigger through

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Soledad said...

I totallly agreeeee.... yesterday had to stop by the doc, so i wore my glasses all day long..... somehow men think it's sexy..... summer is not best of times.... but i'm definitely gonna start wearing them more often i think....